TVUPlayer 2.5

TVUPlayer is a program that allows users to watch TV on the Internet
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TVUPlayer is a program that allows users to watch TV on the Internet. This utility offers a list with hundreds of channels, with programs in different languages and of different categories. The program's interface is available in Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean and Turkish, but the program itself shows channels in any language of the world. You can search the list of channels filtering items by category, or language, or just searching by a keyword. When you're viewing a channel, you switch it into full screen and set the volume. You will also see an indicator that displays the quality of the signal.

TVUPlayer will play an ad every time you change the channel you are watching. These ads are shown in the language of the country you are using the service from. Some of these ads even allow you to interact with them.

If you buy a subscription to the TVU service, you will be able to record live programs, which will be saved on the TVU servers and which you can watch whenever you want. This service costs 1.99 dollars a month.

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  • It is free
  • It includes a lot of channels


  • Shows ads
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